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Lucifer's Linux is a Live CD distro based on Arch Linux, aimed at providing a bidding occultist a lightweight, yet beautiful desktop. Packages carefully selected from the AUR, Arch Linux's main repository, as well as some custom packages help provide this. You can find screenshots of this in the Screenshots menu item as well as the sourceforge page.

As for why this was made, the closest distribution that I could find was Ubuntu: Satanic Edition, which only focused on the artwork as opposed to gathering software to help in this area.

All the packages featured in the Live CD are available for download in the custom repository. The link to the custom repository can be found in the Browse compiled packages link in the menu. Instructions for adding the custom repository are at the Adding The Custom Repository link.

If it would be possible, I would highly encourage more developers to help with making our own packages for the main repositories so one would just need to use the repositories hosted on the project.