Lucifer's Linux - Faq

What're the default users on the Live CD?

The default users are root and visitor (or in the case of the initial live CD, archlinux). In ISOs dated before 1/9/2013, both of these had no password. In ISOs dated at 1/9/2013 or later, the password for root is treevitals and the password for visitor is visitor.

I can't get to the GUI through CLI even if I do startx!

Because the default .xinitrc takes a session executable as $1, you would need to run this in place of startx without CLI arguments.

startx ~/.xinitrc <window manager, most likely pekwm>

In the case of xinit, replace it with the command below.

xinit <window manager, most likely pekwm>

I can't log into the GUI even though I enter the appropriate password/no password into LXDM!

Chances are (if the iso is dated before 1/9/2013) that you forgot to select Pekwm from the session list. You should be able to log in now.